Biocidal ZF

Special disinfectant spray for incubators and laminar flow hoods to protect cultures against bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses.

Non-volatile: The microbicidal active ingredients are not volatile. They protect cell cultures from microbial contamination and do not invade cell cultures through the air. In this way, cell cultures are protected against contamination and the disinfectant itself.

Application for incubators

Empty incubator

  • Spray Biocidal ZFTM on all surfaces and allow to set
  • Put the cultures back
  • Surfaces will be protected for 2-4 weeks. (Before disinfection, you can clean the incubator with Biocidal ZF if necessary)
  • Application on sterile benches

Empty sterile bench

  • Then clean with Biocidal ZFTM and finally spray on all surfaces
  • The protection will prevail until the next work shift. No combustible gases can be formed, unlike using ethanol.

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